What is Google Hummingbird?

Google HummingbirdGoogle algorithm changes made people nervous.  The latest chatter has been about Hummingbird, which is Google’s way of understanding the intent behind search to provide better results.  If you search the word “apple”, they’re trying to understand if you mean the fruit or the product.  It’s also supposed to help with questions, such as “How can I…?”

“But will it effect the search rankings for my website?”  The bottom line most people want to know is what do they need to do differently, if anything.   In this case, nothing really.  You need to create useful content and have a website that’s designed for searchers (meaning real people), not for robots or with the goal of tricking search engines.   Focus on what prospects and customers need at each search level – from informational to transactional.   If these goals aren’t already a focus of your site, considered Hummingbird a reminder to create a great site.

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