Volunteering in the digital universe

Volunteering in the digital universe
Volunteering in the digital universeVolunteering has changed. It’s no longer limited to helping the nonprofit in your neighborhood every other Tuesday night. Now, there are opportunities for people without transportation or in rural areas. I mentioned Sparked in an earlier post, which is a way to micro-volunteer from your phone or computer.  I’ve come across two more unique sites I wanted to share with my readers.

Amazee is an opportunity for you to promote your ideas and connect with other like-minded people.  Once you register or connect with your Facebook account, you can suggest a new idea by forming a group or join an existing group.  Amazee describes itself as a “global action network”.

If we ran the world is another way to express your good intentions.  Simply fill in the blank “If I ran the world…” to get your idea going or micro-volunteer for an existing idea.  Once you fill in your blank, you’ll see a list of actions related to your idea and can invite others to help out. Nonprofits can also make requests for micro-volunteers.

And if you’re local to Charleston, SC, of course don’t forget SC Path for tech-specific needs and Trident United Way for general opportunities.  Regardless of time-constraints or location, there is a way to help!

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