Use Google Analytics to Measure Visitor Actions

When you look at data in your analytics account, you can see which pages visitors are viewing on your web-site.  If you see a large number of people going to your volunteer sign-up page, that’s a good thing, right?

Well, maybe not.  It’s possible to have a lot of people visit your volunteer page yet not compete your sign-up form.  What you want to look at is how many people have completed the form compared to how many visited the page.  Looking for a difference in these two numbers can help you examine potential issues, such as requesting too much information from potential volunteers.

To see a more complete picture, find the web address where your visitor lands after completing your form.  For example, it could be  Once you find that page, add it to your account as a goal so you can measure this conversion.  You may need help from your webmaster to set this up.  The main point is understanding that visiting a page and completing an action on that page are two different hings.

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