Tips for Turning up the Volume on Your Online Fundraising

Tips for Turning up the Volume on Your Online Fundraising
Guest post by Todd Baylis, Qgiv
Both large and small nonprofit organizations are witnessing how technology makes fundraising easier. From giving supporters a quicker, easier way to donate, to providing the ability to analyze and track donations, there are major benefits to having an effective online fundraising platform in place.

Making the most of an online fundraising technology investment goes beyond just setting up the infrastructure and waiting for donations to pour in.  It’s important to create an inviting and engaging environment for your donors so that they can appreciate the value of their donation.
Here are three tips to turn up the volume and start seeing the donations come in:
  • Branding is key. Branding is vitally important to fundraising success online. When donors click the “donate now” button, they don’t want to be taken to a site that doesn’t have the same look and feel as your organization. Make sure your online fundraising platform mirrors the branding of the rest of your website – it not only increases your brand awareness, but Qgiv sees a 39% average increase in donations just from branding.
  • It’s all about location, location, location. Just like any other piece of real estate, the location of pertinent donor appeals and information on a donation page is extremely important. The request for giving and the reasons to do so must be clear and poignant in a prominent position.
  • Go social. Make it easy for donors to promote their involvement through social networks and email. Make sure you’re online fundraising technology has a variety of built in social media sharing components.
The web can be a very warm and inviting medium when organizations use technology to properly brand their presence and keep patrons close to the brand at every stage of the donation process. It helps make donors want to be a part of your organization’s story and mission and to participate in it by giving.
Todd Baylis, President, Qgiv,, @qgiv
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