Three tips for your Facebook fan page

Three tips for your Facebook fan page
You have a Facebook fan page, but you’re not quite sure what you should do with it. Here are three tips for making the most of your Facebook presence.
1) Talk to people who “like” you.  If someone comments on your page, acknowledge it.  If they ask a question, do your best to answer it.  Some of these conversations may need to be moved offline which is fine.  Just make sure you don’t ignore your fans.  That’s the quickest way to lose them! 

2) Offer good content. Constantly talking about your nonprofit isn’t (necessarily) great content.  As interesting as you think you are, don’t use Facebook for 24/7 advertising. Clearly, people care about your work and want to know about your fund-raising events and volunteer needs.  However, they are also interested in general community issues.  For example, if you work for an arts organization, you may want to let people know about an event at the local museum.  Or you can comment on $20 million painting that was mentioned in the news!  It’s not specific to your organization, but may be of interest to your fans.  And – my guess is that anything selling for $20 million will get people talking! 

3) Measure engagement.  Either with the built-in Facebook Insights or by adding Google Analytics, you can track what people are doing on your Facebook page.  See what’s successful – and do more of it!!
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