The challenges of selecting a nonprofit database

The challenges of selecting a nonprofit database

On today’s phone call for NTEN’s leadership academy, I was part of a group discussing the challenges of selecting the ‘right’ database for their organizations.  Some great points were made that are applicable to every nonprofit.

Think about where you want to be in five years, then pick the solution that will meet those needs. If you limit yourself to a product that fits your org as it stands today, you may find yourself shopping for another product in a short period of time. 

Consider an online solution.  This not only benefits you as platforms become obsolete but can also be extremely helpful as more employees telecommute.

And finally, be careful about choosing a solution that requires heavy customization.  You may find it difficult to find support down the road.

My favorite comment from someone in the group – “One size fits all doesn’t fit anyone.”  Finding the right database is definitely a challenge, so do your homework and talk to similar organizations for their recommendations.

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