Staying safe online – Part II

Staying safe online - Part III did a “staying safe online” post awhile ago, offering tips for using Facebook, responding to password requests.  I recently came across some additional tips worth posting.

Sharing on Facebook: You need to be extremely careful about sharing information on Facebook, especially if you have “friends” you don’t well or maybe never met.  Do you use your hometown or pet’s names for passwords?  If so, you may want to use caution before sharing that information online.  It’s like giving your password hint to a stranger.

Job hunting:  It’s very easy to job search without leaving your computers.  As more sites become available, it’s an easy harvest for scammers.  If you’re asked for a social security number before you are even called in for an interview, run… quickly. 

Wi-Fi:  Are you using a “secure”, public wi-fi connection?  Think again.  Fake hotspots have been set up which allows hackers to view everything on your screen.  Stay safe and do not do banking at a public wi-fi spot. 

Stay alert when using the internet and read about scams happening online.  The intention is not to make you  paranoid, just to keep you safe online.

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