You’re here because you need some digital marketing help. The below will help you quickly decide if you want to explore specific services with 360 Internet Strategy and get in touch.

  • You want someone with expertise in Google products, primarily AdWords and Analytics.   
  • You need someone skilled in tactics but who will also contribute to overall strategy. 
  • You are nervous about getting locked into a contract. Since things change in business and with budgets, there’s is no commitment here.  
  • You want a monthly summary report highlight what worked, what didn’t, and what to change.
  • You want to supplement the work done by your agency but do not want me to have direct contact with your client. I provide white label services to agencies and do not mind being in the background.
  • You need someone to manage the digital marketing efforts for your small business or to consult with your existing marketing staff.
  • You know that you get what you pay for and are not seeking the cheapest option.  

Still interested? Visit the solutions page to learn more about how 360 Internet Strategy can be your marketing partner. You can also sign up for the occasional e-news update here.