Spring cleaning your shared computer files

Spring cleaning your shared computer filesIf you have a shared file system on your server (or even in your home), chances are it has become a mess over the years! You have subfolders within subfolders within subfolders. You may even have multiple folders with the same kind of information.

YourDir is a great freeware program to help you clean up your file structure by giving you a picture of your folders (see image in this post). Download it, unzip, and double-click the exe file to run it. Once you do this, you’ll click on the top-left button to select a new top-level folder to examine. Nesting is the number of sub-folders you want to view. I recommend starting with three to see your results. If you change the “nesting” number, don’t forget to hit refresh (second button from the left). Once this is done, you may want to print your results, so you can develop a strategy for cleaning up.

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