Spare time? Micro-volunteer online through

Spare time? Micro-volunteer online through
You may have read about BeExtra in one of my earlier posts.  Since then, they’ve made some changes and have launched a new site – Sparked.
Sparked is a place where professionals complete short-term projects for nonprofits online.  This assistance is offered at no charge to the nonprofit organization.

Many people are not actively volunteering and time is one of their biggest reasons.  With Sparked, the projects are completed at the volunteer’s convenience and in short time periods. The project can be as simple as reviewing a job description to something more time intensive, such as helping with media relations.

Still not convinced?  Check out some of the success stories featured on their blog.  Ready to sign up as a nonprofit or volunteer? Visit and you’ll be online in no time.  You’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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