Soft Skills Training

Tina Arnoldi is a business owner who worked as a therapist in private practice, coaching clients through mental health related challenges including stress management, goal setting, and decision-making.

She offers small group training and individual coaching in the following areas:

Solving Challenges in a Week with a Design Sprint

Bringing staff together for a full week to work through an idea?  It seems like a waste of time that pulls away from everyday business needs. And when it comes to committees and the standard brainstorming process, it very well may be. But with a Design Sprint, your team is focused on solving a very specific business challenge. Investing the resources in this now will save time and money later.  With this revised version, the one-week full-time sprint is shortened and includes some independent work instead of full five days as a team and can also be offered remotely. Learn about the model this is based on at

Tips for Coping with Stress

Who isn’t stressed? Whether we bring it on ourselves with self-imposed pressure or it’s the accumulation of ‘to-dos’ in our work and personal lives, stress impacts every area of our lives.  Become familiar with ways to cope with stress that work for you. We’ll look at what makes it worse and simple ways to manage it throughout the day. Build a prevention plan with activities that are easy to do regularly.

Improve Your Life with Your Attitude

Your attitude influences outcomes. With a bad attitude, nothing else you do matters. But if you have lived in negativity land for too long, this is not an easy fix. Learn how to reprogram your mind to change your attitude and watch how everything else around you will change.  Understand the value of an attitude of gratitude, focusing on strengths and celebrating ‘wins’.

Self-Care in a Modern World

Self-care is not a touchy-feely topic to only address at a new age retreat. And it is not about feeling good only when you have the time. Self-care is a must for productivity in the corporate world and having good relationships with people in your life. We will look at where you are now, the ways self-care impacts your entire life, and how to get started with a self-care plan.

Fight Back Against Decision Fatigue

Decisions are exhausting. More options in life means more choices to make every single day. (This is why Steve Jobs always wore black turtlenecks in jeans – it was one less decision to make). Learn how to deal with all the options around you, identify your assumptions about decisions, step back to view the big picture and know what to do next when a decision might not have been the right one.

Productivity through Focus

Hard to focus? It is for many people today. The number of distractions at work and home are through the roof. But it is possible to fight the external and internal forces to find the focus that leads to productivity. Understand how focus starts with your habits, the value of revisiting the big picture, why self-care is a great foundation, and why it matters to track your habits and behaviors.

Meeting Your Goals with Accountability

Setting goals is easy. It is carrying them out that is the tough part. Although it does start with setting the right type of goals, equally important is having a plan in place to meet them. This includes accountability – whether it is to yourself or to others. We will review SMART goals and why they matter – but also look at the missing piece in SMART. You will learn ways to check your mindset and your motivation to get beyond setting goals and to start meeting them.

Use your Time Wisely

Can we really manage time? It is a constant battle. If all the tips, tricks, and systems have not worked, why bother? The secret? It starts with you. Identify the blocks and learn a way to manage time that makes sense for you. We will look at the habits that hurt and how to build on what is working.  Gain an understanding of how to go from to-do to to-done and gain some strategies for training your co-workers and yes – even your boss.

Coach Yourself

Life coach, business coach, career coach, executive coach. There are a lot of options for coaching and an outside perspective is extremely valuable. But you can also take some of these techniques to coach yourself. Get introduced to techniques including the Wheel of Life, value identification, starting small and a reminder to enjoy the moment while still building a vision for the future.

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