Social bookmarking with Delicious

Social bookmarking with DeliciousI finally set up an account with delicious so I have all my bookmarks in one place and can keep them organized. If you already have a yahoo account, simply sign in from the home page of to get started.

Other than being free, there are some great things about this site. I love the ability to make bookmarks private or public. I have some things in my account that the general public may not care about, so I’ve marked those private. My work-related ones are all public and have tags such as nptech and socialmedia that may be of interest to other people working in the field.

The great (and obvious) advantage is having them all in one place. Whether you travel or occasionally work from home, it can be inconvenient to have multiple computers with your favorite web sites stored.

I was also able to easily import my existing Firefox bookmarks into delicious. Tagging them properly took some time, but now they are more accessible.

Firefox users will love the add-on from delicious. This makes it even easier to tag a site when you’re surfing the web. I’m sure there are more features I haven’t figured out yet, so these are just a few of the highlights.

Why didn’t I do this sooner?

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