Should your nonprofit use Pinterest?

Should your nonprofit use Pinterest?

I confess, I haven’t set up an account on Pinterest yet.  I’ve been hanging out here in the background to see what people do with it and it seems like it’s really taken off.

Different nonprofits have been using it to tell their stories since visuals are so powerful.  The images are either found on a specific site online or uploaded from a personal computer.  People find what you “pin” by searching for specific terms.

Since its launch in March 2010, it’s become the fastest site to reach the 10-million user mark (Source: comScore).  As nonprofits seek to integrate content with pictures as well as videos, they are seeing the value of Pinterest as a tool to get them there.

To get supporters involved, add a “pin-it” button to your website.  This makes it easy for your supporters to share your content, similar to what they can already do through Facebook and Twitter.

As with other social media channels, the key is to not become too self-absorbed.  Make sure you are pinning others content and not simply your own.

I’ll probably sit back on this one for a little while yet, but think I’ll have to jump in eventually .

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