Short Term Remote Sprints

What is this?

Short term remote sprints are a compressed version of the longer design sprints. This is ideal for groups with limited time and resources who need to see some progress on an idea. 

What’s the outcome?

It’s a quick way to answer critical questions. Sprints help determine the direction of your organization by building consensus as a group and working toward a shared vision.

How does it work?

The below table shows you a general format. The tasks are generally spread over over a couple weeks. 

TaskOrganization’s RoleConsultant’s Role
Challenge introduction – clarify the goal & deliverablesOrganization provides initial information about the vision, roadblocks, success metrics, early wins, etc..Summarize for organization to approve
Identify current user experienceMap out the current experience for donors/volunteers/clients around the issue being discussedFacilitate the customer journey mapping
How Might We’s (Technique to work through possible solutions to a challenge)Based on internal knowledge, team members work through HMW exercises during a facilitated call (45-60 minutes)Instruct team on the purpose of HMW and facilitate call, summarize findings (affinity mapping), present groupings to team members for vote
Ideas from HMW ExercisePresent suggestions on facilitated call (30 minutes)Summarize suggestions, expand on top ideas, present for voting on next phase
DecidingDetermine direction to go in based on work to date (input from senior leadership)
Prototype (This can be digital, paper, messaging, etc…)Decide on what to test with potential users.Build out collateral/prototype for feedback from target audience
InterviewsTalk to 3-5 constituents about prototype
Recap and next stepsRecommendations for organization and summary doc

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