Website Health Check

You have your website but is it Google friendly? Do you have meta descriptions? Are you checking traffic and performance with Google Analytics? Do you monitor the Search Console? Are you unsure of what these things mean? 

It is possible to work on the health of your website on your own. I have an SEO checklist available on my website and Google offers a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide. But if you’re here, it’s because you are too busy with your own work and don’t have time (or interest) to keep up with all-things-Google.

Below is a description for a website health check.

  1. SEO audit:
    • Review the overall website structure. Recommend applicable changes for navigation and content.
    • Highlight what’s missing, such as meta descriptions, or what needs fixing, such as friendly URLs. These suggestions can be implemented by your team or by 360 Internet Strategy at the current hourly rate.
  2. Google Analytics (GA4) Check:
    • Connection to other Google platforms, such as Google Ads and Search Console.
    • Confirm code is tracking & configured properly.
    • Review Google Analytics data, which includes performance by mobile device, traffic source trends, user engagement, and trends over time.
  3. Connect to & review Search Console:
    • This is another free tool from Google that many people overlook. With it, you can see search queries that bring people to your site, view mobile friendliness, see who links to you, and more. 
    • In this basic health check, I’ll provide the top three ‘to-dos’ for your website based on a review of your Search Console account.

The flat rate for this service is $1,200 for sites with up to 12 pages and includes a 30-minute follow up call to review the results.

Please reach out to confirm availability.

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