Quick tips for using Slideshare

Quick tips for using Slideshare

Slideshare is used to upload content to the web.  It’s a great way to share your presentations online and it’s easier to share a simple link rather than emailing what may be a large file.  
An online presence in multiple channels can  improve your search engine ranking.  There’s not a whole lot of space for text in Slideshare, so make sure your title is a good one and includes at least one keyword.

It’s also a good idea to have your contact information on the first slide of your presentation.  If you look at the social media presentations I posted, you can see I forgot to do that on one of them.  People can figure out that I’m affiliated with Coastal Community Foundation (due to the logo), but that’s it.  A contact information slide at the beginning immediately gives people a sense of who you are professionally and you will see that on the second presentation.

Definitely use a large font on your slides.  Although it may look readable on your computer screen, users see a smaller version if it’s viewed directly on Slideshare.  Err on the side of bigger rather than smaller when it comes to font size.

And finally, you can see the views on your presentations.  This is helpful for knowing which of your content is of interest to viewers.

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