Power to the users

There seems to be no shortage of great books on Web 2.0 and Tom Funk’s book is another example of a well-written guide to the world of Web 2.0. One of the key advantages of Web 2.0, or social media, is the power it gives to users and their networks. By rating, commenting, and sharing sites, viral marketing has really taken off.

Whether using Squidoo for a simple one-page web site, or Ning for an online community, users are controlling the content out there on the web. A key to developing content is making sure it’s something that people want to share. Be relevant. Be personal.

What’s already out there? Are you filling a void? Funk projects that by 2011, half of all adults online and 84% of all teens online will be involved in a social network. There is definitely an audience; the question is how are you addressing them?