Whether you’ve been running an AdWords account for a while, or are just getting started, the below items are areas you’ll want to review to ensure your account is performing well.

We offer a service where we audit your account and make recommendations.  Minor changes may be made based on the findings, but no data is ever removed from a client account so you retain historical information.  The audit includes a review of the below items.


Tracking Code
Linked to Google Analytics
Change history
Search vs Display networks
Bid type
Ad extensions

Ad groups

Tightly themed
Opportunities for more granular ad groups
Ad groups that should be campaigns (for budget control)


Number of ads
Use of keywords
Use of lingo in ads vs everyday language
Clear call to action
Relevant landing page
Destination/Display URL


New keyword ideas
Keyword match types
Quality scores

A written audit with key findings and recommendations will be delivered within 8 business days of providing access to your account.  The price for this audit with a 30-minute follow up call is $800.

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