Digital Strategy Sessions

Not sure what you need or which direction to go in with this wide world of digital marketing?   I offer free 15 minute phone consultations for first-time clients.

Some things we might discuss…

  • Running a paid campaign on Google.
  • Analyzing your existing budget and return on spend.
  • Discussing content for an email newsletter.
  • Looking at your site navigation with a critical eye.
  • Figuring out the action steps you want from users.
  • Deciding what to do more – and less – of.
  • And my general dislike of social media (meaning I’ll refer you to someone else for this!)

There are a number of directions we can take this conversation based on your marketing budget and knowledge.  You may already be pretty savvy and need another pair of eyes to review your efforts,  Or perhaps you fear your Google Ads campaign is a money pit.

After our strategy session, you’ll receive a report with recommendations on moving forward with your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s talk soon about how I can help!

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