Online giving solutions for nonprofits

I was a long time supporter of Razoo for nonprofits until today.  When we first started using them, they did not charge a transaction fee and I was told their business model was to continue doing that as a service for nonprofits.  Then they started charging 2.9% which was reasonable.  Today I learned they are increasing to 4.9% in April which they claim is still competitive.  That’s not entirely true.

There are numerous options for nonprofits today for online giving.  I was at a nonprofit tech focus group today where several solutions were mentioned:  SquareClick n Pledge,  Google wallet, Blue Pay, and  I haven’t looked into those options yet but am currently considering Paypal.  Their nonprofit pricing is 2.2% + 30 cents per transaction so it’s worth considering for Razoo users looking for a less expensive solution.