Managing twitter with sobees

Sobees is a tool for managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.  It’s up to you to determine which accounts you want to connect and how you want to access it.  You can use it in a browser, on your desktop, or mobile device.  Many users will probably initially use it for Twitter.  If you choose to add more than your Twitter account, you can still organize your social networks however you choose.  You may want one vertical column per social network or a full column for your primary network, and have the other networks combined in another column. 

Probably the best feature for twitter users is anti-spam blocking.  You can block twitter spam using specific keywords and determine which trending topics to keep out of your timeline.  Many twitter users spending time dealing with clutter will appreciate this feature.  Like other tools, you can also use your existing twitter lists so there’s no need to recreate. 

If you decide to connect to multiple social networks with Sobees, you can easily update your status on multiple sites at the same together or select only one or two to update at a time.  There are clearly multiple tools out there, but it never hurts to experiment with the frees ones to see what works best for you.