Learn what your competitors are doing with competitors.app

One of the services I provide to clients is competitor research. Many businesses want to know what the “other guy” is doing before launching their marketing plan or to get insights for modifying what they already have.

The goal of checking on competitors is not to copy. If you copy what someone else is doing, you’ve lost your unique value proposition. Instead, learn from them and get some new ideas for your strategy. 

Some things you might want to know when doing competitor research is when they update their website, have a change in keyword rankings, or post to social media. Going to each individual channel to discover this information is a pain and monitoring content is time consuming.

With a tool like competitors.app, you can quickly add your competitors to a dashboard and receive updates in one place when a change happens. Marketers can get daily or weekly email reports with competitor changes so the data collection part is simple. (Your job is to analyze and provide recommendations.)

For example, even if a particular business isn’t ready to be active on specific social channels, it’s a good idea to learn what competitors are doing there. Are they active? Do people engage? This is good information to have for down the road.

How about the blog of your competitors? Do they post infrequently? Is their content actionable?

The below clip will show you the type of information available and you can learn more on their site to see if this is right for you.

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