Learn with FriendsSpend some time learning HTML – even if you’re not a “computer person”.  If you write blog posts or manage an email newsletter,  it will be helpful at some point.

Have you ever started writing a post and no matter what you do, the font isn’t what you want?  Let’s say I was creating this post and found a bold section that I didn’t want to be bold.  If the user-friendly editor wouldn’t remove the bold from this post after I click “B” on the toolbar, switching to the HTML view shows a < b > at the beginning of the phrase and a < /b > at the end.  By deleting the < b > and the < /b >, my font will go back to normal and the behind the scenes code won’t overwrite it.

It’s well worth learning basic HTML , even if it’s just to control font: bold, italic, times new roman, etc..  Codcademy has excellent FREE courses on learning HTML .  You can just get the basics or take it a bit further.  You can’t beat free and the classes I viewed so far were definitely worth my time.
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