Keeping your email address off the “blacklist”

Keeping your email address off the "blacklist"
Email.  We all receive and probably send too much of it.  And what if you are sending it to people that want  to receive your email (as far as you know) and are concerned about having your address blacklisted.   It can happen to people with the best intentions, so follow these steps to avoid having this happen to you.  

  • Occasionally, a bounced-back email will go through successfully when you send it the second time.  If you do find yourself resending a message, ask the user to “add to their email safe list.”  (Ideally, you’ll ask people to do this from the start).

  • If you forward a message, remove “Fwd” from the subject line.


  • Reduce the number of identical emails you send at a given time.  (That’s a flag for spam!).

  • Your best bet is to avoid using your email client for bulk  messages and turn to an email newsletter tool instead.

You’ll find more helpful hints through a simple Google search, but this should be enough to get you on the right track.

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