IT Survival Guide by David Papp

IT Survival GuideIT Survival Guide by David PappIT Survival Guide IT Survival Guide by David Pappby David Papp provides an overview on how to manage technology within your company.  He acknowledges that much of the work done in the technology field tends to be “putting out fires” and offers guidelines for getting away from that way of working.

To conquer technology in your organization, it’s important to first assess your current infrastructure and understand what you already have in place.  He stresses the importance of documenting everything which includes actual equipment as well as current procedures.  Papp also gives an overview of common equipment one might find in a server room such as  virtualized servers, switches, and routers.

I would have liked to see some recommended resources for ongoing study in each section.  Also, in the chapter on having the right tools, I was looking for some specific recommendations, although I acknowledge the technology field changes frequently.  

As someone with work experience in the IT field, I felt most of the information was something I already knew. However,it provided a good, basic start for people working as a general manager or who have limited IT knowledge.  It’s a good guide for people who do not currently work in the field.

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from Reader’s Favorite.
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