Introduction to Google Analytics

Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Welcome!
Unit 2Introduction to Web Analytics
Module 2Audience
Unit 1Audience - Demographics & Interests
Unit 2Audience - Location
Unit 3Audience - New vs Returning Visitors
Unit 4Audience - Mobile Traffic
Module 3Acquisition
Unit 1Acquisition - Direct Visitors
Unit 2Acquisition - Referral Traffic
Unit 3Acquisition - Social Media
Unit 4Acquisition - Organic Traffic
Unit 5Acquisition - Paid AdWords Campaign
Unit 6Acquisition - SEO
Module 4Behavior
Unit 1Behavior - All Pages
Unit 2Behavior - Landing Pages
Unit 3Behavior - Exit Pages
Module 5A few more things
Unit 1Conversions - Goals
Unit 2Filters
Unit 3Thanks and Goodbye!
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