How’s the visitor flow on your website? (Watching for drop-offs)

As a Google Analytics consultant, I can caught up on clicks as much as the next person. But it’s more than counting clicks in your Google Analytics account. You need to look at the full visitor flow and not just actions in isolation. Focus on answering the question: “How can we help this visitor meet their goal?”

For example, nonprofits may get excited to have visits on their “Volunteer Now” page. But did visitors fill out the form, make a phone call, request more info, etc? If you look at visitor flow in analytics and see people dropping off that page, it could mean a couple different things. They may have decided to call the number listed on the page. If so, that’s great. You’re getting new volunteer sign-ups over the phone. However, if they dropping off and there’s no indication of a new volunteer inquiry, that volunteer page is probably not presenting a great customer (volunteer) experience.

Only ask for what you need. In the volunteer example mentioned above, there may be cases where a background check is required and more info is needed at that time. However, for the initial inquiry, name, email, and interest area is probably enough. Don’t scare people off with complicated forms. If you’re not seeing the results you expect (or hope for) on your site, walk through it with a critical eye. Better yet, ask someone who doesn’t know your organization well to take a trip through your site and give their honest feedback. You may be very surprised what you can learn!

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