How nonprofits can increase year-end online donations

People look online for everything – including information on which nonprofits to support.  How can you encourage them to give to you once they find your nonprofit site?

  1. Don’t hide your “donate now” button.  Make sure it’s very easy to see on your site.
  2. Don’t ask for too much info.  Too many fields turns people away.  Only require what you need to process the gift.
  3. Suggest amounts.  Offer suggested one-time and recurring amounts.
  4. Tell a story or show a video about the successful work of your organization.  Many people give from the heart.
  5.  Ask them to tell a friend about your good work.  Social sharing is huge.
  6. And finally, do some follow up.  Don’t just send a generic thank-you.  Recognize the donor as an individual and continue the communication if they give permission.  They gave to you this time.  Why not encourage them to give to your throughout the year?


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