How many times a day should I tweet?

How many times a day should I tweet?
People getting started with social media often ask me how many times a day they should tweet.  Although there are no “rules”, I’ll share my opinion.  Chances are you’ll get a slightly different response from anyone you ask, so listen to different suggestions and do what works for you.

The number that seems reasonable to me is a maximum of 5 – 7 times per day in four different categories.  

1) One or two of your tweets can be self-promotional, meaning you’re driving traffic to a specific landing page on your web-site or talking about an upcoming event.   

2) Provide tips that are not directly about you.  For example, as a nonprofit, you clearly want people to give to you, which is where the self-promotional tweets come in.  However, to be helpful without promoting yourself, provide general tips about charitable giving. 

3) Include some re-tweets, which is promotion of other people and their work.  

4) Try to answer questions.  When I can find some extra time, I’ll do a search for questions I can answer from any twitter user, regardless of whether or not we’re following each other.

With these guidelines in mind, I suggest spacing out your tweets.  No one wants to see a steady stream of just your account.  Also, know that some of your readers may only view tweets occasionally.  If it’s a different time of day than when you’re sending multiple tweets, they may miss everything you send which is another good reason to spread it out.

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