Great tips for Flickr

Great tips for FlickrPC World had an article in their September 2009 issue with helpful tips for different applications include flickr. There are two specifically I want to highlight in this post.

If you are looking for a picture to use and do not want to worry about copyright issues, go to “Explore” once you are signed into flickr, then search within Creative Commons. These are photos you are permitted to use without any legal ramifications as long as you comply with the CC license.

Another useful tip is the ability to upload your pictures to flickr by sending them to an email address. You can find out your flickr email address by going to your account. (One way to get to your account is by clicking the “Signed in as” name once you are logged in). Once there, you’ll see “Your flickr upload email” which is where you’ll send your pictures. The subject of your email becomes the title of your picture and the body of the email becomes the description.

Who doesn’t love tips that make working with flickr a little easier?

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