Give…. but not to a charity

Give.... but not to a charityI’ve been thinking of creating a community based site where people “join” by giving a few bucks a month and the collective money is given to a chosen charity at the end of each month. It’s been on my list of random-ideas-I’d-like-to-try for a while now.  Recently, I discovered Love Drop, a group that’s already doing it, but their focus is on specific people rather than an organized nonprofit.

On Love Drop’s web-site , you can sign up to give as a little as $1 a month which will go to an individual or family.  Anyone can nominate someone who needs some financial support and the Love Drop team reviews suggestions to determine the monthly recipient.  I love the idea that anyone can help with a small amount of money and you can track their monthly goal on the website.  Check out the site when you get a chance.  I signed up to give a small monthly amount….. but I still think it would be awesome to do something like this specifically for our community.
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