Getting started with your HTML newsletter

Getting started with your HTML newsletter
At BarCamp  last month, I attended a session given by Julia Anderson of Unmatched Style.  She shared some tips for people who are getting started with HTML newsletters. 

Have a goal in mind – This sounds simple but is often overlooked.  Why are you starting an e-newsletter?  What do you want from your readers?

Don’t forget your mobile readers – More and more people are going mobile.  In any e-news tool you use, you should see an option to make your e-news mobile-friendly so people can read it on the go.  In other words, include a “plain text” option.

Include a call-to-action – What should be do when they finish reading your e-newsletter? Make a donation? Volunteer? Visit your website?

Use text for important information – Images will drop off in certain email programs or if people choose not to view them. It’s a good idea to include vital information, such as your organization name, as text instead of an image.

    There’s a lot more to e-newsletters than these steps, but hopefully I at least conveyed a few of her key points. And of course, I have to take make a shameless plug for a newsletter starting in February for the Palmetto Technology Hub.
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