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This is a guest post written by Hadar Kadar. Hadar works for Cogniview, world-leaders in PDF to Excel conversion tools.

It is nearly certain that you have been exposed to at least some form of social media; however the term itself may sound unfamiliar. For the uninitiated, social media is an umbrella term used to define all forms of “conversational” content created by people on the internet and it usually shows up in form of blogs, user forums, podcasts, social networking and micro-blogging sites and so on.

Today, social media plays a very important role in the lives of millions of people and such user generated content often comes across as a source of authentic information on variety of topics which miss the focus of traditional media. Moreover, social media serves as a great platform for people and non profits to reach out to their target audiences in a meaningful manner and also know about the views of their target audience. While many of the guides out there are intended for profit making businesses, non-profits can gain many insights also.

To explore social media in detail then just go through the list of resources mentioned below:

What is Social Media?

It offers a detailed introduction of social media and how it impacts our lives and gives a well rounded idea about the whole concept. In addition, it also provides a deep insight into the various constituents of social media like social networks, blogs, forums, wikis etc.

Social Media Ad Metrics Definitions

It is tailored to you understand a range of performance metrics, which assist in gauging advert effectiveness on social media sites. The guide is highly informative and makes for an interesting reading owing to the insights it draws.

Social Media Essentials Guide

The Social Media Essential guide is targeted towards professionals who are looking to use various components of social media to promote their business. It includes detailed sections on topics like RSS, blogs and social media press releases where it offers practical ideas and insights to use these platforms to one’s advantage.

Guide to Social Media for Organizations

If you are running an organization and planning to harness the potential of social media tools to enhance your business, then the “Guide to Social Media for Organizations” is for you. It explains the notion of social media along with its application within the organizational framework.

New web trends – social media and SEO

“New web trends – social media and SEO” is a must read guide for all those who are looking forward to make the most out of this new emerging concept of social media and its role in the industry. The guide attempts to explain the linkage between social media and SEO services and their collective application to help users to promote their businesses effectively.

Responding to crisis using social media

This guide includes the famous “Dell Hell” case study and shows how social media can turn out to be an effective tool during shaky times.

Power to the People Social Media Tracker

People still unfamiliar with the power of social media should go through this wonderfully crafted guide. The guide is filled with several interactive charts and figures to help users understand the concept better. Its Global Snapshot section highlights the use of this robust concept in various regions across the globe. Furthermore, the guide elaborates different components of social media, including blogging and social networking, in an easy yet interactive form.

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