Four PMax takeaways from Google Ads on Air

I watched the Google Ads on Air from February, which was on Performance Max (PMax) campaigns. I’ve noted four key takeaways below.

If you are running PMax , make sure this is not your only campaign. This should be a supplement to a Search campaign. Your Search campaigns reach people who are using specific keywords on PMax is intended to supplement that by reaching the non-keyword audience; the people who are likely to be interested in what you’re doing but not searching for it. [Part of Google’s voodoo].

When you add audiences to PMax, the speaker noted that your audiences in PMax campaigns are not a targeting strategy. They are instead referred to as “a signal” and are intended to provide “direction” about the type of customers you want. [Slightly confused? Me too.]

You’ll get better performance from PMax if you use a customer list. This gives you an option to bid on new leads only or to bid higher for them. If you’ve built up a solid email list, give this a try. 

You can incorporate negative keywords in a PMax campaign but you need to do this at the account level instead of the campaign level [because Google sometimes makes things harder]. When you’re in Google Ads, go to settings on the left hand side, then go to your account settings (not campaign settings). This is where you can add your negative keywords. I don’t know why you cannot add your shared negative keyword list to PMax, but at least you have a place for negative keywords in PMax.  

There is more in the webinar than just those items, but these are some things to pay attention to today if you are running this campaign type.

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