The Fashion 360 Conference | Charleston SC

Fashion 360 is right around the corner! I’m serving on a panel with tech savvy people about blogging.  As a data geek, my contribution will be specifically about Google Analytics.Fashion 360

With panels, you never know for sure how they’ll go because it depends on what the audience needs.  However, these are some points I hope to cover along with resources I’ll mention (time permitting).

Things to consider about your blog:

  • Which sources drive traffic?
  • Which sources drive good traffic? (We’ll talk about what that means)
  • Are visitors engaged?
  • How do the pages on your site compare to each other in terms of performance?
  • Are your advertising dollars bringing in revenue?
  • Are there clear action steps you can set up as goals?
  • Have you filtered out internal traffic so you’re not counting your visits to the site?

Resources for even more Google Analytics goodness:

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