Facebook Advertising

With  2.2 billion people using  Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every day, there’s a good chance your targeted audience is spending time there. And since the average clicks on organic posts is only between 4% and 6%, you will get a better return on your Facebook efforts if you invest in paid ads.

Facebook ads can be a very cheap way to reach a wide audience and it’s fast. Ads are generally approved quickly so people can be exposed to your brand right away.

If you hire 360 Internet Strategy as the consultant for your Facebook Campaigns, you receive the following services in your monthly fee:

  • Set up, testing and optimization of your ad campaigns.
  • Creating and modifying ad copy.
  • Researching the audience.
  • Determining targeting. 
  • Assisting your webmaster with conversion tracking code
  • Tracking conversions.
  • Updating on performance

Your role includes the following (with help from 360 as needed):

  • Provide images
  • Agree on daily budget 
  • Identify ideal audience
  • Identify goals
  • Optional: Provide input on creating or approving your ad copy. (Some brands want to have every word approved; others want to hand everything off. Either option is fine.)

Ongoing management fees for your Facebook ad campaigns start at $600 a month (in addition to what you pay directly to Facebook.) The fee is dependent on the number of campaigns and assumes new ads will be created each week. There are no contracts or minimum time frames so you can pause your Facebook ads at any time

If you’re interested in exploring Facebook ads for your business, feel free to schedule a call at tinaarnoldi.youcanbook.me.

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