Do you really need all that data?

I attended GAUGE conference recently; an event that’s all about Google Analytics.  In addition to the great suggestions on using an analytics account, I noted two great takeaways about working with data in general.

Collect only the data you need.  It sounds obvious, but do you really need to know every single thing about a person?  Too many questions may come across as intrusive, so think about what you really need before you request certain information.  When you are looking at your analytics account, you probably don’t need to review every available report to answer your specific questions.

Don’t just report out.  Are you displaying data in colorful charts and graphs, but not doing anything with it?  Do you show numbers at your board meetings with no action plan?  Make sure you are using data to make decisions about your organization.  Again, these takeaways don’t just apply to your analytics account.  They are also relevant to any data you have on your constituents or customers.