Demand Generation Campaigns in Google Ads for the Mid- to Lower -Funnel

I watched a recent Google Ads on Air session for  Demand Generation (DG)  campaigns. Once upon a time, people focused on Google Ads for keyword campaigns (on and it’s evolved to much more than keywords.

While advertisers do not need to use every campaign type in Google, especially on a low budget, knowing the what and why of different types can help people decide which ones to use when budget allows.

I’ve noted a few takeaways below for people who manage a Google Ads account and are considered DG.

  • A key benefit of DG campaigns is that they are the only Google Ads campaign that offers look-like targeting. For people who use this strategy in social media campaigns, this is a key differentiator of DG in Google Ads.
  • Maximize Clicks is an available bid strategy, which is especially important if there isn’t any first party data to share. However, advertisers who use this strategy should not check “optimize targeting”. Otherwise, Google drives clicks that may not be from a true prospect.  Even though Max Clicks makes it easy to get started without first party data, you still need to target a specific audience.
  • If I understood correctly, DG is a good campaign type to complement social and mid funnel goals for advertisers.  If you are advertising on social media and feel like you’ve done everything you can there, this is something that could be worth a try.
  • The recommended run time is 4 to 6 weeks. That’s valid, but when there’s a limited budget and a campaign is a total dumpster fire within a couple weeks, I turn it off, especially when the budget is limited.
  • The speakers noted that more people are discovering brands and products on YouTube, possibly even more so than on social media channels. (I don’t believe there was a reference mentioned for this, but it’s an important point to consider.)

There are potential benefits to a DG campaign, but I wouldn’t start here. Start with a Search Campaign and maybe PMax to go beyond the keyword campaign. Remember that Google Ads does not have to be expensive since it can be turned off at any time.

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