Create an online business card with

Create an online business card with Dooid.comKeeping track of your social media links is a challenge. As you add more and more accounts, it can be tricky to remember what they all are and no one wants to see a bunch of URLs in your email signature line.

Dooid is a tool for easily creating your social media profile in an online business card. Currently, Dooid is free with add on features available for purchase. When you set up your account, you can keep the default bio or write a short one of your own. Decide which profiles to add, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Also include links to other sites, such as your blog.

With Dooid’s privacy setting, choose which information you want to make public, such as your work email address and make other information private, such as your personal email address. You can also add your interests, which are basically keywords about you. One you set up your Dooid account with your name, you can further brand yourself by buying the URL for your name and redirecting that to your Dooid address, which will be Once Dooid is set up, provide this link to your contacts so they have an easy way to find out where you are, and what you’re doing, online.

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