Considering a mobile giving campaign?

Considering a mobile giving campaign?Mobile giving is appealing to more and more nonprofits as another method of increasing donations.  However, before you jump in too quickly, make sure you read the fine print.  You need to be aware of set-up fees, the percentage of the gift that your specific vendor charges, and any other ongoing costs.

Is this a one-time disaster related giving campaign?  Are you using it at an event that caters to a younger population?  Do you hope to acquire new donors?  In other words, do you have goals for mobile giving or are you jumping into a new trend?

Also know that mobile campaigns often do not provide full information on the donor.  Often, it is just the name and number.  This may not be enough to go on for your marketing plans.

This doesn’t mean mobile giving isn’t right for your organization.  It’s just a friendly warning to do a little research before jumping right in.

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