Cheap hosting with HostMantis

HostMantisWeb hosting isn’t expensive.  There are a lot of good companies that charge $10 a month.  However, since I have multiple sites I’m playing around with, I didn’t want to pay that for every single site which is why I gave Hostmantis a try.

When I did some surfing, I did come across some not so great reviews but decided to take a chance with  It’s a jewelry site I do as a side project so I didn’t really care about it that much.   Once I started playing with it though, I went further with it then I expected and have been using it to sell items and promote classes.  (It’s built on a Woo theme and their free e-commerce plug-in.)

I had some trouble with the initial setup and ended up contacting support multiple times.  They were responsive, courteous, and helpful.  And for less than $2 a month, they’re definitely losing some money on me (for now).

That site is a small project and things are running smoothly so I may consider moving some other sites there eventually.  At this point, I’ve had no problems at all.  I’m perfectly satisfied.  If that changes, I’ll definitely post about that experience too.  And there’s no affiliate code here so I gain nothing if you give them a try.


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