Blogging Tips
Groundswell includes some great tips for effectively using social media. The authors cover a number of areas related to Web 2.0 and offer ideas for being successful. In this post, I want to share some of their suggestions for blogging.

1) A good first step is to “listen”. What are people already writing about? How can you add to what is already out there? 2) Decide if you want one author versus several. In this blog, I am the only author so it can be a little difficult to find time to blog regularly. In my foundation’s blog, we have several staff involved so you’ll see frequent postings. 3) It is also a good idea to practice some posts before going live. Make sure you get comfortable. 4) Once your blog is out there, how will you let people know about it? Sending an email to your donors? Putting out a press release? Don’t worry too much about a definitive plan. Just think about a few key questions, and then run with it!

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