Better ways to manage email

Better ways to manage email

This is a list I submitted to a while back.  Some of my favorite tips for managing email:

1. Go easy on the “reply all.” Does everyone on the “To:” line need to know what you have to say? If not, then don’t do it. Reply only to the sender.

2. Doodle. Ever get caught in an email avalanche trying to set up a meeting? Use which is a free tool that makes meeting scheduling much easier.

3. Use BCC. It doesn’t mean you’re being sketchy. It simply keeps someone informed without pulling them into an ongoing conversation (see #1).

4. Don’t respond. If it’s an FYI type of message, accept it and move on.

5. Use relevant subject lines and consider including your reason at the beginning of it: “FYI: ..” “Response needed:..” “Meeting Tuesday…”

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