Tina Arnoldi

Tina Arnoldi

Tina is qualified in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and is an active member of the Google Partners program as she helps clients develop and manage their internet strategy.

E-mail on the go

Many nonprofits do not have the money to shell out for a Blackberry, Motorola Q, or other mobile device, but still may need a way to check their email on-the-go. One solution is the Peek Mobile E-mail Device, available for…

Shorten a web address

Have you ever tried to send a link, or received one, that wrapped around in your email address? Whether you’re the sender or the recipient, it can be frustrating to try to click and paste a really long web address…

Why use blogger?

If you’re reading this, you’ve already figure out my preference for blogging is using Google’s blogger. There are other good options out there, including TypePad and WordPress, so why Blogger over these other two? For starters, blogger is very easy.…

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