Accepting donations online

Accepting donations onlineMany nonprofits want to accept donations online, but don’t want to pay the processing fee charged by many sites. With Razoo, the processing fee is no longer a concern.

So what’s the catch? Believe it or not, there isn’t one! I contacted Razoo with that very question. They told me there is a donor backing their service who believes it is important for nonprofits to have online donation capabilities without losing a percentage for service fees. Knowing that 100% of your donation goes to nonprofits using Razoo is definitely enough for me, but there are other features that are pretty cool.

No account required! Signing up for an account can be a barrier for many users. It is still a good idea to set up an account with Razoo since it lets you track your donation history.

Connect with Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, you can use that to log-in to Razoo and share information with your Facebook friends.

Fund-raising pages. I’ve seen some pretty cool fund-raising pages out there, but they generally carry a fee, either through a percentage or a set up cost. Razoo lets you set up a fund-raising page at no charge. Anyone can create a page to support an organization.

I encourage you to check it out whether you are a nonprofit or an individual wanting to show support for a particular cause.

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