4 ways to save money on computers

4 ways to save money on computers
There are ways for nonprofits to acquire computers without breaking the bank.  Below are some tips for saving a few dollars. 
Buy a refurbished machine – If your needs are basic word processing and email, you don’t need a high-powered machine. Check the web sites of different vendors and you may find a decent computer within your price range.

Ask one of your donors or board members – It’s okay to note your need in a newsletter or mention it at a board meeting. You may be surprised at how many people have upgraded their computers recently and don’t know what to do with their old ones.

Don’t buy the extended warranty – It’s usually not worth the extra money, but you may want to consider it for a laptop which is more difficult to repair.  When it doubt, check the reviews for similar machines. Users will tell you if the warranty is needed or not.

Buy memory later – Memory is generally cheaper when it’s bought through a third party and is very easy to upgrade in a desktop.  You can compare costs of additional memory built in to the machine versus buying through a vendor, such as crucial.

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