3 Tips for a Successful Blog Post

3 Tips for a Successful Blog Post
Social media is an ongoing learning process for me, so as I pick up helpful tips, I want to pass them on to my readers. 

  1. Use keywords in the title and in the content of your post so it’s easier for people to find it when they’re searching.   However, make sure you’re transparent.  Don’t use popular keywords that have nothing to do with your actual content.
  2. Make sure your links are relevant.  If you are referring readers to something on your web site, do NOT send people to your home page.  If you force people to do additional clicks, you may lose them.  Instead, send your readers to the landing page on your site that is directly relevant to what you mention in your blog post.
  3. If you receive comments, make sure you respond to them. This lets readers know that you care what they think and shows your willingness to make social media a two-way conversation.
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