3 great books for social media beginners

3 great books for social media beginners
Still not on board with Twitter? Wondering if all these “tweeters” just have too much time on their hands?  If so, Twitter Marketing for Dummies is for you.  It’s the perfect book for readers who just don’t get Twitter and offers an introduction to how and why you would use this tool.

The Social Media Marketing Book
by Dan Zarrella gives a broader view of social media, moving beyond just Twitter.  It offers a hands-on approach for getting started with the popular tools such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.  This book is to the point and very practical.

Catherine Parker’s book, 301 ways Use Social Media to Boost Your Marketing is for people who don’t want to sit down and read a whole social media book.  From the title, you can see it’s one where you can look for tips specific to your need, whether it’s blogging, wikis, or bookmarking.  Not sure what any of those words mean?  The book will explain that too.

There are a lot more beyond these three, but this should be a good start for people looking to expand their social media knowledge.
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