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The Fashion 360 Conference | Charleston SC

Fashion 360 is right around the corner! I’m serving on a panel with tech savvy people about blogging.  As a data geek, my contribution will be specifically about Google Analytics. With panels, you never know for sure how they’ll go because it depends on what the audience needs.  However, these are some points I hope to cover

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Google Analytics – Charleston Web Afternoon – October 2014

Google Analytics – Charleston Web Afternoon – October 2014 from Tina Arnoldi

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Strategic Keyword Bidding with Google AdWords

Broad? Exact? Phrase?  There are a number of ways to bid on keywords in an AdWords campaign.  When you do it correctly, you can have great results with your campaign.  Here are some tips for strategic keyword bidding with AdWords.

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Getting Started with Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a great tool for staying connected to people who visited your site without making a purchase.  It may sound a little creepy to “follow” people around on the internet, but can be a good strategy if you think it through carefully.  Learn more about how to use remarketing at ASPE-ROI.

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Maximize your use of LinkedIn

Head over to ASPE-ROI to review three of my top tips for making the most of LinkedIn…. 

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